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Welcome to Baby Jay, where we are committed to providing you with the finest quality garments since 1986.

Taking a blank item and creating an outfit out of it is a highly creative and artistic job. It involves a thorough knowledge of fabric, style, trend and color amongst many other details. The unique talent of fashion designing for infants and children has additional fields of significance that must be considered in order to make the finished item marketable.

The most important features are comfort, convenience, safety, and durability. To protect a newborns soft skin, only natural fibers should be used. 100% cotton with its natural breathable properties is an excellent choice. Medium weight cotton can be worn all year round and provides the most versatility. Baby Jay offers a full line of blank garments made of 100% medium weight European cotton interlock (5.4 oz per yard, 180 gram), that can be mixed and matched to create complete outfits to suit your creative flair. Our rompers snap open from cuff to cuff for diapering convenience, and our bodysuits and T-shirts are available with lap shoulders to ease the dressing. All Baby Jay snaps have been tested by an independent testing agent and continuously exceed the most stringent requirements. Details available upon request.

Should your design require an item not on our website, Baby Jay offers the option of custom made garments, private labeling, screenprinting, and custom colors. Call us with your specifications and we will take care of the rest.

Specialty and Boutique shops as well as mail order, e-tailers, and gift basket services take pride in offering our garments to their customers. Baby Jay garments rank higher in quality than the average basics and layette items on the market today. We, at Baby Jay, feel that baby’s basics should last and last, so that moms can spend more money on the constantly changing trends and fashion attire for their child. Baby Jay garments are well known for their long lasting characteristics. The thick, plush cotton we use and the quality European workmanship give the garments extended life and wearing time. All our garments are made with double stitching and all seams have an over-lock stitching to prevent unraveling. Baby Jay garments do not get any thinner or worn out after repeated washings. The labels sewn into our garments are placed between the binding and the garment so that there are no rough edges on baby’s delicate skin. Best of all, our garments run true to size. This means they fit right even after washing.

We offer all our garments in solid white and a couple of items in baby blue and baby pink. In addition, our basic onesie is available in a three pack for easier display. For those of you who are looking for more interesting or special baby garments, baby gift sets and complete outfits made of Baby Jay garments, check out The Decorators Zone.

Technical Details 
For the finished garment to be of such fine quality, all details of production must be done using only the most advanced equipment and vigorous quality checks.

The cottons for the production of the Baby Jay garments come from selected cotton fields around the globe. We use only ringspun yarn, single 24 count. The knitting of the cotton fabric is done on the most advanced high-speed German Terrot machines, which are housed in our factory, supplying the fabric for all Baby Jay garments (fabric weight 180 gram or 5.4 oz). The fabric is then dyed using the most modern atmospheric jet dyeing machines, then continuously tumble dried and finally stentered to achieve the best shrinkage results possible. All colors are reactive dyed for maximum color retention.

The care and attention given to the creation of the fabric is then followed by modern garment manufacturing techniques, using computerized laser cutting equipment and high speed fully automated back-latching and flat locking sewing machines. Once the garments are sewn they are run through an extra precautionary procedure for metal detection which is now paramount requirement with all European retailers.

Only Prym Schaeffer fasteners and attaching equipment are used. The force to detach fastener from fabric is 90 newtons minimum, which exceeds even the most stringent requirements. Prym Schaeffer warrants their fasteners to outlive the garments to which they are fitted. Certificate available upon request.

The final step in the process is the quality control check where every garment is inspected for defects. Only perfect goods pass through this vigorous checkpoint.




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